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Accueil » Agrias phalcidon excelsior

Agrias phalcidon excelsior

Agrias phalcidon excelsior has been described in 1924 by Lathy. It is the only subspecies of Agrias phalcidon that flies North of Rio Solimoes, around Tonantins area (Brazil). Few specimens have been found aound Jutai too (on the South of Rio Solimoes) according to Michael Büche and Manfred Späth.

Agrias phalcidon excelsior varies a lot with some wonderful forms (jupiter, komachiae, kiichirooi). The red form “akai” is extremely rare in collection. Some local suppliers are using “form paradoxa” by error, as “paradoxus” is a form of Agrias hewitsonius. Most of these specimens are in fact form komachiae or form kiichirooi (see plate below).

Pictures of Agrias phalcidon excelsior

You will find 60 different specimens of Agrias phalcidon excelsior illustrated in Philippe Floquet’s book about Agrias including impressive forms !

Forms of excelsior

viridifasciata (= yokozuna)

You will find the description of these forms in Floquet’s book (edition 2023)

Agrias phalcidon for sale

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