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Agrias narcissus narcissus

Agrias narcissus narcissus is a splendid butterfly from French Guiana and Brazil in the North of Amazon (Obidos, Manaus…). It has been described by Otto Staudinger in 1856. There are few interesting forms like the yellow form chrysotaenia.

= Agrias narcissus obidonus (it is only a form of A. narcissus narcissus)

Pictures of Agrias narcissus narcissus

Agrias narcissus narcissus

The population around Manaus (rio Urubu, Lindoià) was described in December 2022 by G. Séraphin as a new subspecies named Agrias narcissus chrysotaenia. Yellow females are characterized by an oblique band positioned higher and significantly wider, reducing the dark preapical area. Males are red and show no noticeable difference from the typical narcissus form.

Source : Antenor – Volume 9 (2) December 2022.

Agrias narcissus chrysotaenia

Forms of Agrias narcissus narcissus

yoirotateha (=flavosuffusa)

You will find a description of each of these forms in Philippe Floquet’s Agrias book (2023).

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