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Accueil » Agrias narcissus stoffeli

Agrias narcissus stoffeli

Agrias narcissus stoffeli has been described by Mast de Maeght & Descimon in 1972. Stoffeli flies in the Sierra de Lema in Venezuela. It shares the physical characteristics of both narcissus narcissus and sahlkei ninus. Some authors consider it as a true species.

Pictures of Agrias narcissus stoffeli.

You will find 5 illustrated Agrias narcissus stoffeli in Philippe Floquet’s book about Agrias (2023).

Forms of Agrias narcissus stoffeli


You will find a description of each of these forms in Floquet’s book.

Agrias narcissus available online

Powered by Collector’s Secret. These Agrias narcissus are not sold by us but by various Agrias suppliers. It is most of the time the ssp. narcissus and tapajonus that are offered but from time to time, you will see a stoffeli.



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