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Agrias amydon smalli

Agrias amydon smalli has been described in 1971 by Miller & Nicolay. It lives in Costa Rica and Panama.

Note that Agrias amydon philatelica De Vries, 1980 is only the red form of Agrias amydon smalli (form ghislenae, Floquet 2011). De Vries wasn’t aware that both forms (yellow and red) are flying together and thought he found a new species whereas it was only a red form. Philippe Floquet and other entomologists have caught both forms in the same place.

Pictures of Agrias amydon smalli

You will find several other Agrias amydon smalli pictured in Philippe Floquet’s book about Agrias (2023 edition).

Forms of Agrias a. smalli

ghislenae : red form

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