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Accueil » Agrias claudina lucianus

Agrias claudina lucianus

Agrias claudina lucianus has been separated from Agrias claudina croesus by Seraphin & Attal in 2009. It is said to live on the East bank of rio Tapajos (Miritituba), rio Curua Una, rio Xingo and rio Tocantins as far as the Marajo island.

Note that there could also be a West-East cline with redder specimens in the East. We have a collection with blue on hind wings (croesus like) that was caught in Rio Curua Una.

Pictures from Agrias claudina lucianus

Pictures of Agrias claudina lucianus
Copyright : Philippe Floquet’s Agrias book (2023)

Forms of Agrias c. lucianus

The following forms were originally described as Agrias c. croesus forms. But as they are originated from rio Tocantins and rio Xingu, they belong to ssp. lucianus (if this one is valid).


You will find a description of these forms in Philippe Floquet’s book about Agrias (2023 edition)

Agrias claudina available on the web

Powered by Collector’s Secret. These Agrias claudina are not sold by us but by various insect suppliers. ssp. lucianus is often listed as ssp. croesus, check the localities to understand if it is a lucianus or not.



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