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A website dedicated to Agrias butterflies

Discover all Agrias species, subspecies and forms. Learn about their distribution, host plants, life cycle.

Agrias butterflies are among the most beautiful butterflies in the world. Since their discovery in Amazonia, they have always fascinated scientists and butterfly lovers (collectors, photographers, amateur naturalists…). This site is a tribute to their beauty and variety. You will find on this site a complete list of species and subspecies of Agrias and their illustration. Information on the distribution of each subspecies of Agrias. Illustrations of rare forms of Agrias. But also beautiful live pictures of Agrias, information about their biotopes, their host plants, their habits. We hope that this site will interest you and make you discover things about these wonderful butterflies.

Agrias species

Discover all Agrias species and subspecies.
Many Agrias forms will be pictured


List of Agrias species and subspecies per country


Discover the best books about Agrias butterflies.

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