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Olivier in French Guiana

Olivier PEQUIN

Owner and webmaster of this website, I am a private researcher and an amateur entomologist. I have been studying Agrias for over 20 years now. I have traveled to meet them in South and Central America. 
You can consult my scientific publications on Research Gate

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Philippe in Brazil

Philippe FLOQUET

I began collecting Agrias in the late 1980s. Numerous trips to Central and South America enabled me to discover these wonderful insects in their biotope. The varieties seem infinite, and I can assure you that a collection is never finished… I have written several articles for Lambillionea and Antenor magazines, as well as various books about Agrias.
In the winter of 2022, I met Olivier. He told me he wanted to create a dedicated website. I was also familiar with his excellent site on Delias, of which he is a great specialist. For my own use, I had written a monograph on Agrias, covering all the species, subspecies and forms of the genus. At the time, I had no desire to distribute this work, and it was Olivier who changed my mind…
I hope this work will be of use to as many people as possible…

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We also would like to thank some friends who helped us with contents and correction on this website.

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