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Accueil » Agrias hewitsonius lachaumei

Agrias hewitsonius lachaumei

Agrias hewitsonius lachaumei has been described in 2014 by Gilles Séraphin from a population localized in the Ucayali Valley in Peru. It has been named after the French entomologist, Gilbert Lachaume. It is a rather easy-to-find subspecies. The differences with beata are not obvious to me though… (O.P.).

= Agrias beatifica lachaumei (synonym)

Pictures of Agrias hewitsonius lachaumei

Agrias hewitsonius lachaumei presents the same variations than Agrias hewitsonius beata.

Taxonomical status of Agrias hewitsonius lachaumei.

Unlike Agrias hewitsonius hewitsonius, no specimen with orange patch on the upper side have ever been found (as far as I know).


The only threat for this species is the deforestation in the Ucayali Valley (Peru).

Source : Séraphin, G. 2014. Description de deux nouvelles sous-espèces d’Agrias du Pérou (Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Charaxinae Preponi). Antenor 1(1): 107-119.

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