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Books about Agrias butterflies

Discover our selection of books about Agrias butterflies. As you know the classification of Agrias is very difficult due to the high number of subspecies, local forms, genetic forms, hybridization between ssp (and even between species)… it is important to have the right books at home. You will find here a list of the book we highly recommend and few other useful books.

Very useful books about Agrias

Philippe Floquet’s new Agrias book (2023 edition)

Floquet Agrias book

“Agrias et hybrides” is the new book of Philippe Floquet about Agrias (2023 edition).
More than 150 pages in color, more than 1000 pictures with latin name
All species, ssp, and forms described

Text in French
The author is selling it in the InsectNet Marketplace (149€ + shipping).

3 of the 150 pages of the new Floquet’s Agrias book !

Manfred Späth Monography about Agrias butterflies

In 1999, Manfred Späth, a German entomologist, wrote a brilliant monography (in English) about Agrias butterflies. In this monography, Manfred Späth perfectly explained the valid Agrias species and subspecies, their distribution. There are 21 plates with Agrias pictures. All species and subspecies are represented + some interesting forms. A must have for any Agrias fans.

This book is not expensive at all : find one for sale here

Philippe Floquet books about Agrias variations

From 2009 to 2013, Philippe Floquet, a French entomologist, published 3 tomes about Agrias butterfly variations. These are an impressive work about Agrias forms with the illustrations of hundreds of Agrias forms. It is a must-have for all entomologists who would like to study and understand Agrias forms, including rare ones.

These books are hard to find now (out of print), you may find some on Abebooks here.

So if you need only 2 books, go for Manfred Späth monography and Philippe Floquet volumes about Agrias.

Other interesting books about Agrias butterflies

Then, for Agrias specialists only, some older books, often with an outdated classification, are interesting to read.

Paul Barselou “The genus Agrias”

In 1983, Paul Barselou published an interesting monography about the genus Agrias. Even if the classification is now outdated, there are some useful distribution maps per species, some form illustrations and a lot of very interesting information about these splendid butterflies.

This book is easy to find and cheap, you will find some on Abebooks here.

We hope this selection of books about Agrias butterflies will be helpful for your research about these unique butterflies ! Please contact us if a new book about Agrias has been published or if we have missed any other useful ressource.

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