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Agrias of Brazil

Brazil is the paradise of Agrias butterflies. Discover all the Brazilian Agrias species and subspecies. All known Agrias species have subspecies in Brazil and some of them with a lot of subspecies.
For each subspecies, you will find the area of distribution inside Brazil.

Agrias butterflies from Brazil

List of Brazilian Agrias butterflies with locality.

Agrias claudina

Agrias claudina sardanapalus belsazar

Agrias sahlkei

Agrias sahlkei sahlkei

Agrias narcissus

Agrias narcissus

Agrias amydon

Agrias pericles

Agrias pericles

Agrias phalcidon

Agrias phalcidon phalcidon

Agrias hewitsonius

(synonym Agrias beatifica)

Agrias beatifica

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