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Agrias claudina lugina

Agrias claudina lugina has been described by Fruhstorfer in 1902. It lives in Bolivia (Cristal Mayo, Cochabamba…). There are few interesting forms including the gorgeous form orleansi. Pictures of Agrias claudina lugina You will find several other Agrias claudina lugina… Read More »Agrias claudina lugina

Agrias claudina lugens

Agrias claudina lugens has been described dy Staudinger in 1886. It lives on the East side of the Peruvian cordillera, South of the Maranon. Frequent localities are Balzapuerto, Tarapoto, rio Huallaga, Juanjui, Jepelacio and rio Inambari. Several interesting forms have… Read More »Agrias claudina lugens

Agrias claudina sara

Agrias claudina sara has been described in 1902 by Fruhstorfer. It lives in Ecuador around rio Upano, rio Zamora and rio Bamba. The female is rather rare in collection. Several forms have been described. Pictures of Agrias claudina sara Forms… Read More »Agrias claudina sara

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