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Agrias of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a very small country of Latin America. As far as we know, only one Agrias species live there. Agrias aedon toyodai Please let us know if you’ve heard of other Agrias species living in Nicaragua. Agrias amydon should… Read More »Agrias of Nicaragua

Agrias of Honduras

Honduras is a small country of Latin America. As far as we know, only 2 Agrias species live in Honduras. List of Agrias butterflies of Honduras Agrias aedon rodriguezi Agrias amydon lacandona

Agrias amydon amydon

Agrias amydon amydon has been described in 1854 by Hewitson. It lives in Central Colombia (areas of Bogota, Muzo). There are several nice forms of Agrias amydon amydon. Pictures of Agrias a. amydon You will find several other Agrias amydon… Read More »Agrias amydon amydon

Agrias amydon bogotana

Agrias amydon bogotana has been described un 1895 by Fruhstorfer. It is a nice butterfly from Venezuela and North-East Colombia. Pictures of Agrias a. bogotana Forms of Agrias amydon bogotana larseni : black hind wings Agrias amydon available online Powered… Read More »Agrias amydon bogotana

Agrias amydon oaxacata

Agrias amydon oaxacata has been described by Kruck in 1931. This wonderful species lives in Mexico in the Sierra de Juarez. Pictures of Agrias amydon oaxacata Agrias amydon available online Powered by Collector’s Secret. These Agrias amydon are not sold… Read More »Agrias amydon oaxacata

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