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Agrias of Costa Rica

As Costa Rica is a small country, there are only 2 Agrias flying there. Agrias aedon Agrias aedon rodriguezi : Costa Rica (Alajuela) Agrias aedon toyodai : Costa Rica (Guanacaste) Agrias amydon Agrias amydon smalli : Costa Rica Please contact us if you… Read More »Agrias of Costa Rica

Agrias species list

The systematics of the genus Agrias has evolved considerably in recent years. Some forms have turned out to be subspecies, some species have been split into two and others grouped together. We follow on this site the classification of Manfred… Read More »Agrias species list

Agrias of Venezuela

There are some very interesting Agrias butterfly species in Venezuela. The country is not so well-studied so there may be other taxa to be discovered. With 6 various Agrias species, Venezuala is the second country with most Agrias species after… Read More »Agrias of Venezuela

Agrias of Peru

After Brazil, Peru is the second largest country in terms of Agrias taxa. Discover the numerous Peruvian Agrias species and subspecies with their distribution in Peru. List of Peruvian Agrias butterflies Agrias claudina Agrias amydon Agrias pericles Agrias hewitsonius (synonym… Read More »Agrias of Peru

Agrias of Colombia

Colombia has several interesting Agrias species. There are 4 Agrias species flying in Colombia (claudina, aedon, amydon and beatifica). Agrias amydon even has 3 different subspecies in Colombia. List of Colombian Agrias butterflies Agrias claudina Agrias aedon Agrias amydon Agrias… Read More »Agrias of Colombia

Agrias of Brazil

Brazil is the paradise of Agrias butterflies. Discover all the Brazilian Agrias species and subspecies. All known Agrias species have subspecies in Brazil and some of them with a lot of subspecies.For each subspecies, you will find the area of… Read More »Agrias of Brazil

Agrias of Bolivia

Discover the list of Bolivian Agrias butterflies. Bolivia has 3 different Agrias species flying, all of them with one single subspecies. Some Agrias claudina sardanapalus, known from Brazil, have also be found in Bolivia near the Brazilian border. Click on… Read More »Agrias of Bolivia

Agrias distribution

Agrias butterflies are neotropical species found mainly around the Amazon and up to Mexico, through Central America. Brazil is obviously the richest country in species of Agrias but countries like Peru, Colombia or Venezuela also have many species of Agrias… Read More »Agrias distribution

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