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Agrias amydon tryphon

Agrias amydon tryphon is a nice butterfly from the Ucayalli Valley in Peru (from South of Tarapoto to Satipo). It has been described in 1916 by Fruhstorfer. Forms of Agrias amydon tryphon ochraceasemilarsenifruhstorferitarapotensisantoniacitrinarius You will find a description of each… Read More »Agrias amydon tryphon

Agrias amydon lathyi

Agrias amydon lathyi has been described in 2012 by Séraphin from specimens from SE Peru (Madre de Dios). Pictures of Agrias amydon lathyi There is no described forms of Agrias amydon lathyi. Agrias amydon available online Powered by Collector’s Secret.… Read More »Agrias amydon lathyi

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